3 Ways ‘Contrast Copywriting’ Makes Your Offer The Obvious Choice

Today we’re talking about the power of contrast in your copywriting. Painting a bleak picture of what your customer’s life looks like without your product, and the rainbow and unicorn universe they can live in with your product. Of course I’m kidding. However, there are some specific areas where the power of contrast can sell the value of what you have.

Why should you use contrasting examples and copywriting techniques to persuade people to buy or try your thing?

Well, it makes it easier for your customer to make a decision. For example. If I asked you what your favorite film was, you might struggle to choose out of the hundreds you’ve seen in your lifetime.

However, if I asked you if you liked Die Hard or Jaws better, it’s so much easier because you only have two to contrast.

And it works the other way. When you present one option on its own, it can be hard to determine its value and how much you want it. For example, if I said to you “would you like to watch Die Hard tonight,” you might not feel swayed either way. But if I said to you the options were watching Die Hard or Jaws, you evaluate each one based on the merits of the other and making a decision is much easier.

So how do you do this to make choosing your product or service the obvious one for your customer?

Tune in to find out …

  • Whether you should be using the “Before and After,” or “With and Without” contrast (there’s a subtle but important difference)
  • How to add value by setting your product against other options
  • How to contrast your product against a competitor’s with integrity

The Show Notes