How to Use Humor in Content (Without Looking Like a Clown)

Have a sense of humor? Want to try a lighter style of marketing without looking like an idiot? Today’s episode is for you [warning: my voice sounds ridiculous …]

Using humor is a great way to build bridges and tear down barriers with your customer. More and more, consumers today want to see the ‘personal’ side of a business and light-hearted content is perfect for this.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a ‘comedian’, I have 6 simple rules to help you test the water (safely) for using humor to win over your customers.

Oh, and I have a cold. So some of what I say sounds funny, but not always for comedic purposes.

Tune in to find out …

  • The first rule of creating any humor marketing (it comes before the funny)
  • 3 things you should make fun of (and the one thing that’s a no-go area if you want customers to like you)
  • How you can start introducing humor into your content in a really gentle way

The Show Notes