Joe Pulizzi Reveals The Content Marketing Strategies You Need to Succeed in 2016

It’s a special episode of Hit Publish featuring an interview with Joe Pulizzi, founder of The Content Marketing Institute and author of Content Inc. He gives you practical advice for attracting and building an audience around your business in 2016. Best of all, it might surprise you to discover that what you really need to do, is easier than you might think (especially if you’re a small business). Cue a sigh of content marketing relief …

On a personal note, I loved doing this interview with Joe. And I loved listening to it again during the edit.

In fact I’ve been through this interview multiple times now and I’ve taken away a new idea, inspiration, or practical tip each and every listen. It’s the perfect content marketing pep talk to get you fired up when thinking about the business and marketing success you want to create in 2016.

Joe has been talking about content marketing for around 16 years, and comes from a publishing background. So he not only knows how to create content that builds an avid audience (like traditional media companies), but he knows how to build an audience that translates into business success.

This is a cracking interview and in the show notes below I’ll share some links to help you connect further with Joe and the resources he mentions. And if you prefer to read the highlights, I’ll be writing up my personal takeaways from the interview over on Harrisonamy Copywriting.

Tune in to find out …

  • Why you need to adopt the “less is more” mantra if you really want to succeed in 2016 (for once, advice that isn’t just about creating tons and tons of content)
  • How long you need to wait to see real success with your content marketing (and why most businesses stop digging a few feet short of the goldmine)
  • Why ‘audience outcome’ is the most important column in your editorial calendar
  • How you can use the ONE medium, ONE channel method to show people you are a rockstar (and build that rockstar following)

The Show Notes