3 Steps for Making Success Stories a Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy that Works

Success stories, aren’t just testimonials from happy clients. They’re a strategic tool for persuading prospects and standing out from your competitors. And even if you don’t (yet) have thousands of happy customers you should still be developing your Success Story System today.

Testimonials work. But even better than testimonials, are the Success Stories that come from your customer, written in their own words (but guided by you so that your business shines).

In this episode, you’ll learn how to put your customer in the spotlight, get them to say yes to you, and how to use your Success Stories for maximum effect as part of your ongoing content marketing strategy.

Fancy writing the Success Story for your client? Look at the Show Notes to see a link to writing customer case studies.

Tune in to find out …

  • How to make it easy for customers to say ‘yes’ when you ask them for a Success Story
  • The Before, After, Future format you need to use for each one
  • 3 ways you can promote your Success Stories to market your business (and increase your chances of getting even more Success Stories)

The Show Notes