5 Ways to Write More, Faster, and With Less Stress

This week we’re talking momentum and productivity tricks. If you’ve ever found things getting in the way of your flow when you write, and wish you could get more out of your writing time, this episode is for you …

On a previous show, we looked at how you could create content consistently, even when life gets in the way. Well since then I had a Dear Amy letter that asked about how to make the actual writing time more productive. I’ve struggled more than once to stay focused when I have a content creation project to do, but I’ve found some work arounds to keep me on track.

Tune in to this episode to find out

  • Why you should expect (nay embrace,) overwhelm and then use this one rule to show it who’s really boss (answer: you are)
  • How ticking things off gives your writing simple momentum and is as addictive as popping bubble wrap
  • What a “sticky thoughts’ pad is, and why every writer should have one to hand
  • How to avoid ‘Writer’s Eye’ which can slow you down and cause you to make mistakes

The Show Notes