The Smart Way to Build and Grow a Profitable Podcast

An interview with Jonny Nastor and Jerod Morris, creators of The Showrunner.

Podcasting is growing in popularity. More than 24% of US adults listen to at least one podcast per month.

And if you ever wanted to start a podcast, or just looking for tips on how to grow your podcast audience, then you will love this episode.

In this 32 minute episode, Sean Jackson interviews Jerod Morris and Jonny Nastor to discuss the most important issues regarding podcasting, including…

  • Why podcasting is an essential part of online marketing
  • Why success at podcasting is more than just having a good microphone
  • What it takes to truly build an audience online for your show
  • The essential elements you need to generate revenue for your show
  • And why learning from the experts can accelerate your podcast success

The Show Notes

  • If you’re ready to see for yourself why more than 201,344 website owners trust StudioPress — the industry standard for premium WordPress themes and plugins — swing by for all the details.
  • Official announcement of the opening of The Showrunner at Copyblogger
  • The Showrunner Course