No. 103 What Should I Do with My Archive?

We’re back! And excited to begin a series of shows in which we answer questions submitted by Showrunner listeners. This week’s question comes to us from a showrunner who is 75 episodes into her show and wondering how best to make use of her growing archive.

Here is the question, from Julie Duffy Dillon, showrunner for the Love, Food podcast.

Hi Jonny and Jerod! Thank you for your note and I have a question that I would love some insight.

A little background: I have a niche podcast, Love, Food, that helps folks with a complicated relationship with food rewrite their fate. I did your podcasting course and launched January 2016. This training helped position me within my industry yet differentiate from what was already out there and the results were outstanding! I’m getting more downloads and opportunities every month than I thought possible, so thank you!

I have had moderate success with sponsors yet using my episodes for the next few months to sell my own soon-to-be-launched e-course. With all that being said, I would still like to find more ways to monetize my show. Luckily, I have listeners who are quite engaged and responsive. Here’s where I need help.

I publish episode 75 this week and wondering how long I should keep all my episodes up on iTunes. Should I keep all of them there even as I get to 100, 200, 300…? Or, do you recommend, as a way to monetize, moving some behind a paywall?

Any insight is appreciated! Thank you for helping me be a Showrunner.


We both have a lot to say on this topic, and plenty of personal experience to provide.

Listen, learn, enjoy …

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