No. 024 Essential Audio Tips from the Official Audio Engineer of Rainmaker.FM

Toby Lyles of TwentyFour Sound is the audio wizard behind the curtain here at Rainmaker.FM. With Jonny out this week, Jerod takes over the show and invites Toby to share some insights on how you can improve the quality of the audio you are delivering to your audience.

This week’s episode begins with Jerod sharing a quick story of an exciting convergence of showrunner worlds that occurred literally just hours before he sat down down to record.

You will probably be able to relate to his excitement; if you’ve ever considered quitting your show, you’ll definitely want to hear this story.

Then Toby stops by to discuss audio quality. Jerod asks a number of the same questions you’d probably love to ask:

  • What Rainmaker.FM show is the most difficult to edit?
  • What should Showrunners do to get the most out of their investment in and relationship with an editor?
  • What should Showrunners look for in an editor to be sure they make a smart choice?
  • What is the single biggest audio mistake Toby sees in podcasting?
  • What is the first step to quality audio?

And much more. We cover a lot in just 20 minutes, so get your ears open and pencils ready. 🙂

Once the conversation with Toby concludes, Jerod answers this week’s listener question, which comes from Jeff Leo Herrmann. He asked:

“How much should we rely on curation versus pure original thinking for our podcast? I assume as long as there is very good and explicit sourcing, and it’s blended with other ideas/concepts, then it is OK. If not, I would love to know that too.”

And then it’s podcast recommendation time. This week, Kevin Carlson recommends one of the shows in his new podcast network: Stories From the Teaching Life with Penny Kittle

Jerod gushes on and on about how much he likes the music Kevin uses for the recommendation. You’ll have to listen to hear why.

Listen, learn, enjoy: