No. 104 How Do I Create a Call-In Show?

We answer another great listener question this week. The topic: Creating a call-in show. Jerod goes solo to describe why it’s a great way to bring something new to your audience. He also shares from experience that there are plenty of ways to go about doing it.

This week’s question comes to us from Nance Goldstein, host of Finding Me in Medicine Again.

Nance’s question:

Everyone is telling me to do live open discussions/call-ins. I can see the attraction, but I’m nervous about it. What if I don’t have something useful to say? Screwing up is pretty easy! And I don’t think I have access to a technology that will work easily for this (Zoom is an option, which has people on video that I have to manually “promote” to allow to talk.). So the technology may be literally a stumbling block. Thoughts? Suggestions? Examples of really wonderful call-in podcasts? (Most I know are radio shows where there is a staff to technically and content-wise manage them!!! This is just me with one Zoom-savvy engineer … )

Jerod breaks down:

  • Why this is definitely an idea worth trying
  • Why Zoom is a great option if you’re comfortable on video and have an engineer/producer to help out
  • How BlogTalkRadio might actually be a better fit, especially if video isn’t preferred
  • What SpeakPipe is, and how it could be used to achieve 80% of the benefits of a “live” call-in show
  • Examples of shows that do call-ins and questions right: Think and The Art of Charm

Listen, learn, enjoy …

The Show Notes