No. 053 How to Find the Perfect Ratio of Creation vs. Promotion

We’re podcasters, producers, and Showrunners. This means we do one thing and we do it well: we create! But is this enough? Your download numbers and audience engagement may tell you otherwise.

In the world of digital entrepreneurship, we understand that even the best products and services in the world do not sell themselves, they need to be promoted.

How do you know whether to focus your limited amount of time on creation or promotion?

In this episode, Jerod and Jonny tackle this often asked (and rarely answered) question.

Yes, the ultimate answer for any Showrunner is going to be … it depends! Luckily, both Jerod and Jonny are never satisfied with that answer because they know it may be true, but it is not helpful to you, our valued Showrunner listener.

Jerod and Jonny go deep and dive into the pros and cons of creation vs. promotion, and come out the other side with a strategy and mindset you can use to tackle this question for yourself.

Let’s jump into it!

In this episode Jerod and Jonny discuss:

  • Why you need to remember that without creation you have nothing to promote
  • Is social media actually promotion (or simply a procrastination tool)?
  • How Jerod used Twitter to build, grow, and engage his audience
  • The Pareto Principle: Using the 80/20 rule to be a better Showrunner

Showrunner Recommendation:

Today’s recommendation is a little bit different. We branch out from podcast recommendations to the more encompassing Showrunner Recommendations — television, radio, podcasts, and any and all media that can help you become a better Showrunner.

Jerod’s first Showrunner recommendation:

The Americans — Two Soviet intelligence agents pose as a married couple to spy on the American government.

The Show Notes:

Listen, learn, enjoy …