No. 036 Does Podcasting Daily Make You a Better Showrunner?

If you could find a way to podcast every single day, would you become a better podcaster or simply burn out on podcasting?

It has been said that we all have a certain amount of ‘bad radio’ in us. Awkwardness behind the mic, not as quick at thinking on our feet, and generally not providing our listeners with a polished, professional radio-like experience.

So, the theory goes, if we all have this bad radio in us, then shouldn’t we simply produce more episodes, more often, and get through this stage in our podcasting careers?

In this episode, Jerod and Jonny dive deep into this topic. From Jerod’s three consecutive shows, including one daily show, to Jonny’s two shows being produced at four episodes per week, they cover the nuances on both sides of this discussion.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The thought process behind Jonny’s new artwork for Hack the Entrepreneur
  • Why Jerod had to cut back on his daily episodes of Primility Primer
  • Learning and understanding the value of processes in your podcasting
  • How to use processes to get your show ready for outsourcing
  • Why repurposing ideas on a daily schedule can make you a better podcaster

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