No. 051 How to Overcome Your Inferiority Complex as a Podcaster

Have you ever felt like you’re not qualified to host your podcast? Ever felt like you were way out of your depth with a certain topic or with a certain guest? Welcome to the club. Most of us have.

In this episode of The Showrunner, Jonny and Jerod share their own experiences with facing a feeling of inferiority — and more importantly, how to overcome it.

If you’ve ever struggled with your confidence behind the mic, or even with your confidence to get to the mic in the first place, then this is an episode you need to listen to.

Here are this week’s podcast recommendations:

And here is the link Jerod and Jonny mention toward the end of the show, which was included in last week’s free Showrunner newsletter: Learn the Magic Formula of Podcasting From Old-School Radio Giants Like Rush Limbaugh.

Listen, learn, enjoy …