No. 034 Next-Level Tips for Building Your Show’s Email List

How do you kick the growth of your show’s email list into high gear? In this episode, Jonny and Jerod offer up some of the strategies that have worked for them in growing powerful email lists for their shows.

If you missed last week’s episode, it was a rebroadcast of an earlier episode about the importance of email. If you haven’t even launched your email list yet, start there.

Then come to this list for advanced list-building tips and techniques. Jerod and Jonny discuss:

  • The obvious but essential point that you need to deliver to your email subscribers what you say you will.
  • Why you need to offer a strong incentive to encourage signups (and how to know if it’s too strong)
  • The importance of communicating urgency, scarcity, and usefulness
  • How to use the “strength in numbers” approach to reduce people’s fear of subscribing
  • Why you need to be bold, but not annoying, in suggesting people sign up
  • Why you also need to be consistent in requesting subscriptions
  • To pop-up or not to pop-up … that is the question (we answer it)

And more.

This week’s podcast recommendation is a recent episode of StartUp, in which Alex and team walk us through how they develop new shows and what their editing process is like.

Listen, learn, enjoy …