No. 032 How (and Why) to Submit Your Show to Podcast Directories

What if you could spend 10 minutes doing one simple task and get new listeners for years to come?

As Showrunners, we need to find audience growth strategies that we can leverage. Strategies that involve very little upfront work on our part, yet continue to provide us with new listeners. The way to do this is simple: podcast directories.

In this episode, Jonny goes in-depth into giving you the exact numbers of downloads that he receives from the directories that he has submitted to in the past year since launching Hack the Entrepreneur. A couple of these are paid podcast directories, but the vast majority are free and should be utilized by all showrunners.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Going ‘widestream’ with your podcast
  • Why we no longer allow Jerod to tell jokes on the show
  • How to submit your podcast to Google Play
  • The surprising numbers behind one (fairly) unknown podcast directory

The Show Notes:

Podcast Directories to Submit Your Show to:

  • iTunes: Go here to apply. (Takes about 2 minutes and requires an iTunes account)
  • Google Play: Go here to apply. (Takes about 3 minutes to complete)
  • Stitcher: Go here to begin the application process. (Takes about 10 minutes to complete)
  • Soundcloud: Go here to learn more.
  • Player.FM: Go here to fill out the short application form. (Takes about 2 minutes to complete)
  • Spreaker: Go here to sign up for Spreaker. (Takes about 30 minutes to set up)
  • AudioBoom: Go here to join AudioBoom. (Takes about 30 minutes to set up)
  • PodDirectory: Go here to submit your feed. (Takes about one minute)
  • Microsoft Zune: We mentioned this on the show, but unfortunately, we cannot find how to submit to them anymore. Please leave a comment if you know how to do this.

Listen, learn, enjoy …