No. 050 Why Quitting Your Podcast May Be the Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Audience

There is a time in every Showrunner’s journey when we think about giving up, packing it in, and quitting. The common response is to keep pushing and stay focused. But not today.

In this episode, Jerod and Jonny talk about when you should pack it in and quit your podcast. Quit your show, not quit being a showrunner.

Podfade is a real, and a sometimes dangerous thing. When a showrunner gives in to podfade and quits after 10 shows, they often feel like a failure. Should they feel this way or should they turn quitting into a badge of honour to be worn proudly as they continue on their podcasting journey?

On The Showrunner, we’ve spent numerous episodes pushing you to keep going, ignore the dips, and find your audience. All of these lessons are extremely valuable, but in this special 50th episode of The Showrunner, Jerod and Jonny wanted to take a not often talked about strategy and push you to become a better podcaster.

Let’s get to quitting our podcasts!

In this episode Jerod and Jonny discuss:

  • Why quitting may be the best thing you can do for your audience
  • Why Jerod is proud of the numerous podcasts he has quit
  • What to do with your old podcast feed
  • The Showrunner challenge for first-time podcasters

The Show Notes:

Listen, learn, enjoy …