No. 049 How to Get in the Door with Hard-to-Reach Influencers and Prospects Using Your Podcast

We have a special guest on this week’s episode: John Jantsch, the founder of Duct Tape Marketing and bestselling author of three books. John hosts the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, and he preaches an angle about podcasting that not many are promoting. We discuss it on today’s episode.

John believes that leveraging a podcast is a great way to get in the door with hard-to-reach influencers and prospects.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also use your podcast to grow an audience and build a business, but it’s a unique and useful tweak on guest and format strategy that can pay big dividends when used smartly.

John explains his theory, and how it has worked for him in practice, and we discuss how it fits in with the big-picture strategy we’ve been discussing on The Showrunner.

And, no surprise, this week’s podcast recommendation is John’s show, the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast.

Listen, learn, enjoy …