No. 039 Exciting News and New Years Resolutions for 2016

The end of each year offers up the perfect time for quiet reflection, as well as enthusiastic glances toward the future. With that in mind, Jerod and Jonny end 2016 on a high note — as each have received exciting news recently — and then look toward 2016.

In addition to commenting on their own goals and objectives, they offer up suggestions for how to make yourself a better Showrunner in 2016, including:

  • The importance of planning (and scheduling)
  • Why it’s essential to think long-term but work short-term
  • Why you might not want to check your analytics every day
  • The benefits of practicing empathy and gratitude

And more. This show is all about celebrating our successes of the past year, while also being accountable to ourselves for how we can make 2016 even better.

Plus, as you might expect, we briefly discuss the debut of Serial Season 2. Jerod is excited, Jonny is non-plussed.

Listen, learn, enjoy …