No. 025 How to Easily Find and Schedule Guests for Your Podcast

With the surge in popularity of the interview-based podcast, what can you as a Showrunner do to stand-out and be remarkable?

In this episode, Jerod and Jon tackle this very question. In fact, this topic started as our listener question, but both of us felt that it deserved its own episode.

With Jerod’s sports podcasting background and Jon’s business podcasting background, this conversation touches on ideas that will help podcaster’s across a wide range of subjects.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why you don’t want to book the biggest guests in your market
  • How to make your booking process simple and easy for your guest (and why this is important)
  • What to include (and exclude) from your guest request emails (Email template download)

And finally, this week’s podcast recommendation:

The Show Notes:

Listen, learn, enjoy …