No. 048 Quick Case Study: How to Be Smart About Sponsorships

A Sponsorship is the most common method for achieving direct profitability from your podcast. Jerod just accepted the first sponsor for one of his shows after 4+ seasons without one. He and Jonny discuss a few lessons he learned along the way, and whether the “big announcement” email he sent his audience was a good idea.

This episode opens with a casual discussion that links Green Day to morning workout routines to the power of accountability partners … with big hat tips to Ian and Margaux from the Showrunner Podcasting Course for the inspiration!

Then Jerod and Jonny dive into the meat of today’s episode. Jerod shares his recent story, and then he and Jonny discuss the following:

  • Did Jerod go too far in sending this email to his audience?
  • Why you should prepare to run sponsorships even if you aren’t actively pursuing them
  • The power of knowing your numbers (here is the spreadsheet Jerod mentioned)
  • The secret to getting better at reading/stating your calls to action (which isn’t a secret at all)
  • Why what Jerod and Jonny do for their shows may not necessarily apply to your show

And more.

Plus, Jerod explains why he switched from Podcast Republic to Podcast Addict as his Android podcast app of choice, and Jonny explains why he *gasp* hasn’t listened to many podcasts lately.

Listen, learn, enjoy …