No. 026 Sonia Simone on How a Podcast Fits Into a Content Marketing Strategy

We have not one but two renowned Defenders of Humanity on this week’s episode. Sonia Simone, Chief Content Officer for Rainmaker Digital, joins Jerod and Jonny to discuss how your podcast can (and should) fit into your overall content marketing mix.

The timing of Sonia’s visit is not a coincidence. With Authority getting ready to shut its doors to new members next Wednesday (September 30, 2015), the timing for her visit could not be more perfect.

It gave us a chance to ask her many of the questions that you all so often ask us, but that she is better qualified to answer. It also gives us a chance to alert you to this final chance you have to join Authority at the best price it will ever be offered for — since the price will be higher once it reopens again in 2016.

Go to for a look at the details, and to lock in your membership if it’s the right fit for you.

Among the topics we discuss with Sonia on this week’s episode:

  • What role should a podcast play in a Showrunner’s overall content strategy?
  • What is the “content conveyer belt,” and what role does a podcast play in it?
  • If you have a podcast, does it mean you don’t need to produce text content?
  • How far out (6-12 months?) does Sonia recommend planning your content mix? And how do you keep it all organized so it gets done?
  • What role does becoming a better writer play in improving your ability to create audio content?

Sonia also answers this listener question, from Sonia Thompson of IAmTheOne.FM:

When thinking of a how your podcast fits into your broader content strategy – what type of metrics should we be paying the most attention to? Subscribers, engagement?

She gives two answers: one snarky (but true) and then a “real” one. 🙂

And finally, we deliver our podcast recommendation for the week. Or, I should say, Sonia delivers her podcast recommendation … which is her podcast: Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer. We highly recommend it.

Listen, learn, enjoy …