No. 023 How to Admit That You Are Terrible at Podcast Interviews (and Why This Matters for Your Success)

Sometimes inspiration overcomes planning. For this episode, we had planned to cover an entirely different topic, luckily the record button had been hit during our pre-call discussion, so we decided to roll with it.

This conversation goes deep and was entirely unplanned, but it became a revelation for the two of us and we think that it will do the same for you.

In this episode, Jerod and Jon have a completely unscripted and unplanned discussion on the journey to becoming a remarkable podcast interviewer. We struggle with this topic, but the conclusion we come to will help you become truly remarkable. (Hint: Jerod hosts a show based on this very topic.)

In this episode we discuss:

  • Forthcoming technology that will change how we do podcast interviews
  • Does the ‘10,000 hour’ rule affect your show?
  • How to go from bad to bored, to good, to great
  • Why we all need to receive awards from our mothers

This week’s listener question comes from Kevin Carlson, of the Teacher Learning Sessions. His question is:

Is time travel possible? More precisely, I want to add a Show Introduction Episode 00 to a series that already has a few episodes in it (it is not yet out to iTunes). But I’m not sure how to be certain that Episode 00 will appear first. The MP3 is tagged correctly as episode 1 in the series. The episode pages have the correct media associated with them. But does iTunes figure the order of the shows in the feed based on the MP3 tag or the page post date?

Jerod and Jon provide their answers and feedback on dealing with this issue across the Rainmaker Platform, Libsyn, and Soundcloud.

And finally, this week’s podcast recommendation:

Mario JannatpourThe Honest Real Estate Agent

The Show Notes:

Listen, learn, enjoy …