No. 035 A Buffet of Topics for (AMERICAN) Thanksgiving Week … Plus a Sandwich

We’re not sure what happened. This was supposed to be a five-minute Showrunner Short expressing our gratitude to you, our audience, on this week of Thanksgiving in the United States. But the showrunning gods had other plans …

In this 39-minute episode, we end up chewing on a buffet of topics — several of which are actually useful showrunning tips, even though we hadn’t planned on the episode being a real episode.

All of the following occurs:

  • Jonny shares the inspiring tale of his latest between-recordings sandwich
  • Jerod unwittingly reveals himself to be the stereotypical American
  • Jerod then tries to redeem himself by revealing an intimate secret about himself and a guest from the very first episode of The Showrunner
  • Jonny then reveals an especially kind comment he received recently from a Showrunner listener (not named Angela)
  • Next, Jerod and Jonny explain how they put one of their tips from episode No. 034 into action in an unexpected situation
  • Then, Jerod shares two important he lessons he learned last week — one about facing fear when hitting “Publish” and another about the Amazon affiliate program

And, well, other stuff is discussed as well. At one point, somewhere near the middle, Jerod even spontaneously comes up with the episode title. (We’ll see if it makes its way past the Rainmaker.FM headline censors … )

Near the 30-minute mark, Jonny and Jerod actually get around to what the original intent of the episode was: expressing gratitude and appreciation to you, the members of the Showrunner audience, for being so generous with your time, your questions, and your kind words.

So, thank you. 🙂

We definitely enjoyed recording this episode. It meanders a little bit, but there are plenty of useful nuggets contained throughout.

Listen, learn, enjoy …