Brian Clark on Why Not Being a Techie May Be a Benefit To Starting a Technology Company

It’s hard to be a non-techie in this tech-driven world. So it may seem almost impossible to start or run a tech company when you’re not one. But as the founder and CEO of Rainmaker Digital (Brian Clark) is going explain, that lack of technical expertise may be your greatest asset.

While Brian understands technology well, he’s made it a practice of finding the right partners to build what has evolved into Rainmaker Digital.

Trust, open feedback, and understanding your customers needs are the tip of the iceberg when starting a tech company. But as Brian points out, it isn’t always the technical skills that make a great technology-focused CEO.

In this 12-minute episode I walk you through:

  • The evolution of Copyblogger
  • The challenges for a non-techie
  • How involved is the CEO in the tech-side of the business
  • The rationale behind employee side-projects (sidebar but interesting)
  • Why being a non-techie is often an advantage for a CEO

The Show Notes