How To Overcome The Most Common Podcasting Pitfalls, with Jerod Morris

Podcasting exploded a couple of years ago but it’s not to late to dive in an take advantage of the medium. While getting started can seem daunting, keeping momentum and building an audience feels overwhelming.

But a little knowledge from those who have paved the road in front of you can make all the difference between success and giving up before you even get started.

Jerod Morris, VP of Rainmaker.FM, is co-host of the The Showrunner, a podcast and course that will teach you everything you need to know about podcasting.

If there is anyone you want to learn from it’s Jerod.

In addition to The Showrunner, Jerod hosts The Primality Primer podcast, and the Assembly Call, a show for fans of Indiana University basketball. He’s made the mistakes, built the audiences, and is here to share his knowledge with you.

In this 38-minute episode Jerod and I walk you through:

  • The minimum things you need to get started podcasting (and what you don’t)
  • How long the average podcast survives
  • Removing the technology hurdles to podcasting
  • Overcoming the first production slump
  • The Number One Challenge Podcasters face and how to overcome it
  • Creating a journey for your listeners

The Show Notes