An Expert’s Design Tips for Creating a Killer Website with Rafal Tomal

Everyone likes to think they know good design, even if they’re not a designer. But unless you’ve spent time in the trenches studying and doing design, you’re missing out on much of the “why” that drives design decisions. By having a better understanding of design, you’ll be better able to guide your designer to the website or app you invision.

Rafal Tomal is an exceptionally talented and thoughtful designer.

His work can be seen at all over the various Rainmaker Digital properties. He’s written a book on design that outlines his process and thinking called “The Essential Web Design Handbook” and it should be required reading for every designer.

By having a better understanding of design you’ll have a better relationship with your designer, a more beautiful, effective website, and a site that better serves your customers.

In this 15-minute episode Rafal and I discuss:

  • Rafal’s top 3 tips for web design
  • The importance of simplicity in design, and how to keep simple from being boring
  • Making the mistake of assuming your users know where they are and what they are doing
  • Get a fresh perspective on design by stepping away
  • How consistency and design patterns create a killer user experience
  • Putting your users at center of your design thinking (not yourself or other designers)

The Show Notes

Three sites Rafal gives as good examples (that he didn’t design):

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