How To Be A Technology Change-Agent Champion For Your Company

Not every successful company has been so because of technology … a point that’s easy to forget in our tech-driven world. But it’s getting harder to compete without being tech-savvy, for individuals and companies. And fear is the biggest hinderance.

Dave Hartley is an expert in helping businesses overcome the obstacles that keep companies from adopting new technologies or updating the old.

Tech adoption is about more than having faster circuits and higher resolution. In fact, it doesn’t start with tech at all. It starts with your business and the people in it.

Dave is here to help you get everyone on board – whether you’re the executive pushing for change, or an employee trying to sell the C-Suite on it’s importance.

In this 14-minute episode, Dave and I discuss:

  • Overcoming organizational resistance to technology adoption
  • How to “talk tech” to a company when it hasn’t been historically essential to their success
  • The greatest IT security risk that isn’t what you think
  • How personal experimentation leads to technology success
  • Thinking more broadly about video
  • Formalizing the “IT Guy” in your organization
  • Getting employees on board with technology change
  • Dave’s tips for instituting organizational technology change

The Show Notes