Choosing the Right Tools for the Digital Job, with Rainmaker Digital’s COO Tony Clark

Productivity tools are everywhere and new ones are popping up each day. So how are we to decide which of those tools will help us be most productive and get things done without spending all of our time looking at tools?

In this episode, Tony Clark, COO of Rainmaker Digital (formerly Copyblogger Media) and I discuss some of our favorite productivity tools, how we decide which tools to use, and more.

If you find your spending (wasting) too much time bouncing from tool to tool or trying to figure them all out, this episode is for you.

In this 23-minute episode I walk you through:

  • How the Rainmaker Digital team decides what tools to use
  • Different tools for tools
  • The primary tools that Rainmaker Digital uses
  • How to avoid “tool fatigue”
  • How to get people in the habit of using new tools

The Show Notes