3 Simple Hacks for Better Copy and More Conversions in Less Time

Joanna Wiebe of Copy Hackers joins Jerod Morris this week on The Digital Entrepreneur to offer up a handful of simple copywriting hacks that work especially well for digital products.

In this 29-minute episode, Joanna and Jerod discuss:

  • A simple A/B test anyone can use to gain valuable insight into audience behavior
  • The surprising button placement that actually worked wonders for one company (and the larger lesson this represented)
  • Why copywriting fundamentals like the Rule of One still work (and why we doubt them at our own peril)
  • What the “stages of awareness” are and why they matter
  • How to listen in a way that actually leads to meaningful results
  • The oft-overlooked importance of frameworks and formulas (like P-A-S)

Don’t forget: Joanna will be speaking at Digital Commerce Summit coming up this October. Early Bird tickets are still available (as of this writing), so don’t wait to get yours. You won’t want to miss Joanna’s talk, as well as the presentations of so many other successful digital entrepreneurs.

For more information, go to: rainmaker.fm/summit


The Show Notes