5 Benefits of the ‘Access’ Approach to Online Marketing

Before I share this week’s pick with you, I should note that it’s the third episode in a series of five. If you haven’t heard the first two, be sure to check those out here and here when you get the chance.


With that, this week’s Rewind episode is brought to you by Brian Clark and Jerod Morris on The Digital Entrepreneur. On their latest show, they discuss the “access” approach to modern marketing and what drives a successful website.

The modern marketing website offers more than static information, more than useful content — it offers an experience. Access is what the experience is all about.

In this 25-minute episode, Brian and Jerod go over how access gives you the opportunity for true communities, and why you no longer need an enterprise-level war chest.

They also discuss why the future is HTML5 and not apps, and why it’s so important to overcome the “fallacy of cookies.”

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The Show Notes