How to Automate Multiple Businesses Around Multiple Books Within Multiple Niches

Being successful in business is all about understanding one simple rule: find an audience of people that have problems, then work hard to offer them a real solution.


With over 17 books in multiple niches, Honorée Corder has created a multiple niche business structures that not only allows her to sell a ton of books, but also use those books to backend into courses, consulting, speaking engagements, and certified training programs.

All of which are automated to the point where she only has to work the hours she wants to work, and never on weekends.

In this episode Honorée and I discuss:

  • How to sell 100,000 books to a small group of people
  • How she turned “The Successful Single Mom” series of books into a powerhouse brand
  • The concept behind automating your business and lead funnels through your books
  • How to target a niche audience, pitch your book to them, and sell in bulk purchases
  • How to focus in on a niche and dominate beyond just book sales


The Show Notes