A Process for Content Marketing Success

Content marketing doesn’t work without a consistent flow of high-quality content. But how do we get all of that created … on a schedule?


“Create lots of high-value, interesting content to fuel your content strategy.” Sounds good. The tricky part comes when it’s time to actually produce all of that.

What’s the best way to organize our time and energy so we’re producing good material consistently?

Today, Sonia unpacks a four-part process to do exactly that. In this 32-minute episode, she’ll talk about:

  • Where to find excellent writers to understand content strategy
  • Deciding how much content you actually need to produce
  • The simple creative habit that makes content generation so much easier
  • A weekly process to create one high-value piece of content a week
  • The techniques decent writers use to get really good
  • Using the “Rule of 24” to dramatically boost your content quality
  • The keys to getting good shares and links to your content


The Show Notes