Why Starting a Membership Site Is a Terrible Idea … Until You Just Do It

Sonia Simone joins the show to walk you through the most important elements of setting up a membership site, today.

As we approach the new year, you may be thinking about the changes you want to make to your life. And if you have been following the show, that may mean that you are looking to start – or at least expand – a membership site.

But change can be scary. And it is that fear of change that keeps most from ever moving forward.

If you are in earnest about building and growing a membership site – and need that extra inspiration to move forward – then you will love this episode.

In this 30 minute episode, Jessica Frick and Sean Jackson interview Sonia Simone and discuss her personal journey in creating membership communities, with deep insight into:

  • The single most important element you need in launching a membership site
  • How to launch a membership site when you have no audience online
  • The two most important ingredients you need to grow a membership site
  • And why it is OK to make mistakes along the way


The Show Notes