Microsoft Just Bought LinkedIn. Here’s Everything You Need to Know …

Extra! Extra! Listen in to find out what Sean Jackson and Jabez LeBret have to share about this recent news! You’ll hear bold predictions, what you need to do next, and much more!

In this up-to-the-minute episode, you’ll hear from Sean Jackson, Jabez LeBret, and Mica Gadhia to understand what The Missing Link team has to share about this late breaking news of Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn.

What does it mean, where is LinkedIn going, what we’re looking forward to, what we’re fired up about, and so much more …

  • What the premium payment is really for
  • 4 Bold Predictions – Do you agree?
  • How content marketers will be impacted
  • About Bing’s possible comeback
  • 3 tips you can use in reaction to this change
  • New benefits to LinkedIn


The Show Notes