From Podcast Host to Full-Blown Personal Brand Entrepreneur, with Colin Gray

The Podcast Host, Colin Gray joins the show as he shares how he’s developed his podcast into a long-standing business based around his personal brand. Chris and Colin also talk about the CEO mindset, marketing strategies for your podcast and what he has planned for the Podcast Host in the future.

On this episode of Youpreneur FM, we shine the spotlight once again on the topic of podcasting, specifically on how to build, monetize, and grow your personal brand around one.

Here to shed some light on this as well as share his own experiences is The Podcast Host and Youpreneur Member, Colin Gray who joins the show as we chat about transitioning from podcasting into a wider content plan, the CEO mindset and using live events as a flagship for your personal brand.

We also go into how we work our podcasts into our marketing strategies, the major factors Colin considered when developing his personal brand and what he has in store for the Podcast Host.

You’ll also get to hear our content repurposing strategies and how to make the most of them. Get ready and tune in for that plus so much more on today’s episode!

In this 47-minute episode, Colin and I discuss:

  • How to get the most out of your podcast episodes in your marketing strategies.
  • What are the benefits of keeping it simple when it comes to the tech aspect of podcasting.
  • How gaining funding helped Colin develop skills to grow his business.
  • Colin talks about creating seasons around a podcast show to refine your podcast content.

The Show Notes