Growing a Community with Hugs and Handshakes, with Lou Mongello

Lou Mongello, lover of all things Disney and founder of WDW Radio chats with Chris about personal branding and how he has built and serves his community through hugs and handshakes.

If your Youpreneur dream meant uprooting your entire life and moving to a new part of the country, would you do it? Our guest for today’s show did and he explains why it was so important for him to do so.

Lou Mongello, lover of all things Disney and founder of WDW Radio, is here to share why his personal passion of in-person connection led him to move his family from New Jersey to Florida.

And he explains how his philosophy of handshakes and hugs has helped him build a rabid fan base and a thriving business around his Disney passion!

We also talk about the different revenue streams he has developed with his Disney business, why it’s absolutely vital that you treasure the relationships you build and why your audience will know if you aren’t genuinely being you online and offline.

This episode is a fun one with lots of golden nuggets, listen in while I chat with my good friend Lou on episode 164 of Youpreneur FM.

In this 40 minute episode Lou Mongello and I discuss:

  • What’s the ROI of doing in-person meetups for Lou?
  • How did he earn the trust of Disney to become a media outlet in their eyes?
  • Why he doesn’t worry about growing his audience, and what he does instead.
  • What was my first email address?!
  • Why authenticity is the future of business.

The Show Notes