Up Periscope! Why Twitter’s Live Streaming App is a Personal Branding Game-Changer

Today is all about the latest social media favorite Periscope and how it’s taking the online marketing world by storm. Chris gives tips on how to start your own scopes and how he’s been able to monetize the app himself.

Welcome to episode 123 of Youpreneur FM! Today we’re talking about Periscope, Twitter’s game-changing app that live streams you out to the world.

I have seen firsthand how this app increases personal brand recognition like nothing else on the market right now. In fact I’m such a believer I’ve devoted an entire show to helping you utilize Periscope for building your audience and your business.

On this episode I highlight some of the biggest benefits and useful tips so you get the most bang for your Periscope buck. We’ll talk about how best to engage your viewers, why you must be consistent with your Periscope schedule, why you should watch your replays and a whole lot more!

In this 14-minute episode I discuss:

  • How to create the most powerful headline for your scope.
  • Why and how to take your viewers into your scope with you.
  • Why should you ask for what you want from your audience?
  • What’s the best way to set up your scope schedule?
  • Can you make money using Periscope?
  • Much, much more!

The Show Notes