Catapulting Your Personal Brand by Launching a Book, with Tucker Max

New York Times best-selling author Tucker Max joins the show to talk about why as personal brand business owners, we should be getting out our thoughts and wisdom into a book to share with the world.

We’ve talked about the power of a book in establishing yourself as an expert in your field, but today’s guest brings an extra special dash of knowledge and humor to the topic. His name is Tucker Max, and he’s a three-time New York Times best-selling author who also founded Book In A Box.

On today’s show Tucker explains where the idea for Book In A Box came from, why being a published author is still so powerful and impactful today as well as his team’s process for helping entrepreneurs create and publish a quality book.

He breaks it all down, step by step. He gives the entire Book In A Box process including how to know if your idea for your book is valid and has merit, to the importance of choosing a title and getting professional editing and graphics for your cover. We get into all of that and more on episode 171 of Youpreneur FM!

In this 45 minute episode Tucker Max and I discuss:

  • The three questions to ask yourself before writing a book.
  • Is it still as powerful and impactful to publish a book as it was 15 years ago?
  • If you can write a great blog post, can you also write a book?
  • How Book In a Box hacks the writing process – and how you can too.
  • How to become someone others listen to.
  • What makes a good book title?

The Show Notes