Publishing Lessons from Dave Pell, the Most Fascinating Email Newsletter Writer in the Business

Dave Pell, the man behind the extremely popular curated email newsletter “Next Draft,” has perhaps the best list of testimonials anywhere.


On most testimonial pages you might see one marquis name, followed by a list of no names. Mr. Pell’s testimonials involve a list of Who’s Who in the news world.

For example, Steve Bodow, Executive Producer of The Daily Show, said, “Dave finds stuff I didn’t see but should have. Add that to his drop-dead sexiness and you’ve got yourself an indispensable newsletter.”

Then there’s this one from CNN Executive Editor Ram Ramgopal: “NextDraft is a must-read. Dave scours the Internet and presents a smörgåsbord of stories that educate and entertain, and even elevate the discourse surrounding the major headlines of the day.”

And how about this one from ESPN Senior Writer Don Van Natta Jr.: “The NextDraft newsletter is indispensable. Dave Pell cuts through the clutter with urgency, humor and smarts. I never miss it.”

Wouldn’t you like to crawl inside Mr. Pell’s mind and see how this outstanding writer curates and creates one of the most successful email newsletters of our time? Get some great marketing and branding lessons?

Well, today is your lucky day because that’s exactly what Sean Jackson and I do in this interview (Sean kicked Jerod off the show this week).

In this 43-minute episode you’ll discover:

  • What Dave means when he says “I am the algorithm”
  • Why he’s publishing a curated email list
  • How much lead time it takes him to prepare an issue
  • The worst criticism he has ever received
  • If he had to start all over, what would he do different?
  • Why a mobile app?
  • Does he advise his early stage startups to do curated email?
  • And are those beer goggles he’s wearing in his logo?


The Show Notes