Your Staggeringly Unfair Marketing Advantage

You’ve probably had fantasies of winning an MMA world championship wherein the title match is between you and a skinny seven-year-old.

Maybe you dream of writing a Booker Prize winning novel – with Sir Salman Rushdie working as your confidential ghost writer.

Or perhaps you’re determined to become the next President of the United States, thoroughly enjoying the fact that your last name happens to be Kennedy-Reagan.

If done well, a relevant Content Marketing strategy can create these kinds of conditions for your business. Conditions in which you possess a staggeringly unfair advantage over your competitors.

In this episode Sonia Simone and I discuss:

  • How to sell when you’re allergic to selling
  • What to do if you have no connections, no money, and no experience
  • The concrete, three-step process of effective online marketing
  • Why 19th century marketing skills are critical to 21st century success
  • Where your customers are, and how to reach them

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About the Author: Robert Bruce is Copyblogger Media’s Chief Copywriter and Resident Recluse.


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    It’s good to hear your voice. It adds a good touch to your blog posts.

    I wonder how many people commented today, before finishing (or listening to) the broadcast.?

    You right on content marketing is around forever. Just look at some of the classic books, like Scientific Advertising by Claude C Hopkins. For a good definition of content marketing, just type it into Google and read the Wiki article.

    Interesting that Brain used to be an attorney, then got into the writing business. Reminds me of my meeting with Six-Figure Freelancing author Kelly James-Enger. She graduated from Columbia with a degree in writing. Then she got a law degree and worked for 4 years in law – but hated it. Then she became a professional writer.

    Bruce brings up the point that copyblogger comes up in the top Google 3 for “copywriting”. The success is the inbound linking, as Sonia mentioned. And Sonia is right. There are other keywords to look at. Perhaps copywriting appended to a local (i.e. London copywriting, Chicago copywriting, Timbuktu copywriting). Sonia mentioned this technique with Portland. Ever notice how Wiki always comes up near position 1 in Google – regardless of the word entered?

    Guess what, Sonia? I like listening to you over Brian. I like Brian speaking, but I find you more engaging and entertaining. No offense, Brian.

    Harpoon? Did Captain Ahab harpoon Moby-Dick?

    Mentioning Seth Godin? Are You Indispensable? Are all marketers liars? Maybe he can write some books around these questions!


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    Yes content will be around forever and I personally think nothing will over throw it..even video…the reason for this is seo can be perform on content not videos..just my opinion.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

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    Thanks for this episode. Great content, perfect length. I simply enjoyed listening. Everything Sonia said was so crystal clear that there’s no more to say than: Keep on producing more of it. Thank you. 😉

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    We advanced the idea of legalization of marijuana in California. The story was one of overspending by criminal justice officials in a financial crisis and regaining control of marijuana, abdicated to the street dealers so long ago. While we didn’t win in CA, we did pass a medical marijuana initiative in Arizona. Our story is one of inclusion and responsibility. Viva Sativa!

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    I agree, this episode was awesome. She has a very smooth voice and you can tell she knows what she’s talking about. There’s definitely no magic formula, only techniques and using them strategically. Loved the interview, keep them coming.

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