3 Practical Content Conversion Tactics That Actually Work Today (and Where You Can Find Even More)

Ever wondered if those content tips you read a few years back are still relevant today? I’ve only just returned from a conference of conversion experts who spilled the beans on what tactics are working right this minute. And I want to share them with you …

Last week I was part of a copywriting panel at the Call to Action Conference in Vancouver. The 2-day event was packed with practical, actionable tactics from conversion experts all around the world.

These are the people who know what to do to your landing page in terms of design and content, to make people want to take action.

I’ve picked my top three takeaways that I think you as a Hit Publish listener will love, but I’ll also be linking to more resources to help you boost those conversion rates.

Tune in to find out …

  • The call-to-action mistakes that can cause you to lose sales and sign-ups (one of them defies classic copywriting convention)
  • Why you should practice flipping your headline if you want people to know in seconds, what it is you do or offer
  • Why putting obstacles in front of your reader can be the best conversion tactic (even if it makes you uncomfortable)

The Show Notes