The Extraordinary Value of Sharing and Being a Connector

My guest today is the Founder, Publisher, and CEO of She left her role as an executive at Ralph Lauren to launch the Momtrends blog in 2007.

Momtrends has grown massively since then and is now a boutique media brand, which provides moms with the latest news on all things trendy and cool. It has an ever-growing mom community with more than 150,000 visitors to the site and its social media channels each month.

On top of this (and with the help of her team), my guest has created a successful events business that connects top-tier brands with influential bloggers and she has hosted nearly 100 events so far.

Now, let’s hack …

Nicole Feliciano.

In this 35-minute episode Nicole Feliciano and I discuss:

  • The pros of being a connector of people
  • Packaging things in a way that’s unique to your brand
  • Knowing what you’re not good at and letting better people handle it
  • Failing quickly, picking yourself up, and working harder the next time

The Show Notes