How to Push Through the Awkward Stage of Becoming an Author

Surprise! The most important part of writing a book may not be the writing itself. There’s intrinsic value to the things that inspire the writing process — but happen away from the keyboard.

Pamela is nearly done with the ‘junk draft’ of her book and has some questions for Jeff about the wind-down of this stage and where to go from here.

Is it normal for your output to slow down at this point? And what’s the best way to find the right editor for your work?

She also faced a unique challenge this week: How to present the fact that she’s writing a book in polite company (especially when the company includes a published author).

Is it this awkward for all authors?

In this episode Jeff Goins and Pamela Wilson discuss:

  • How to make talking about your book less awkward and more awesome
  • The two ways to write a book and why you don’t have to choose just one
  • How a book’s genre influences the kind of editors you need

The Show Notes