How to Expand Your Thinking

My guest today is a Master of Neuro-linguistic Programming, an executive coach, keynote speaker, and an entrepreneur.

She is the founder of the I Am Woman project and the founder and editor-in-chief of I Am Woman magazine.

She is passionate about inspiring individuals, leaders, and businesses to transform, build and create powerful, effecting and lasting change both within themselves and their organizations.

Now, let’s hack …

Catherine Plano.

In this 38-minute episode Catherine Plano and I discuss:

  • Being willing to change your perception of the world to unlock your full potential
  • Utilizing the three parts of the brain in order to break unconscious habits and make lasting change
  • The importance of being present and practicing mindfulness as an entrepreneur
  • The initial struggle of leveraging your time and delegating tasks
  • The power of sharing and collaborating on ideas and learning from their failure

The Show Notes