Give Your Book the Best Chance with a Well-Executed Launch

The timing of your book’s launch is important. But how important is it? Here’s what really matters when you’re ready to launch your book.

In the words of Jeff Goins, “It’s really hard to launch too late and it’s really easy to launch too early.”

A good launch can make a book, while a bad launch can damage your credibility as an author, as well as have a negative effect on sales.

Pamela Wilson and Jeff Goins discuss best practices for a successful launch — and Jeff shares insight and experiences he learned the hard way from his past book launches.

In this episode Jeff Goins and Pamela Wilson discuss:

  • The ideal day of the week to launch your book
  • How the way you’re publishing should influence your launch date
  • Best launch practices for the self-published author
  • Pamela’s super-cool bonus for people who purchase her book

The Show Notes