To Self-Publish or Traditionally Publish? How to Answer this Essential Question …

Should you look for a publisher or self publish your book? Jeff Goins says that might be the wrong question to ask. Instead, he and Pamela Wilson chat about a better approach you can take when you’re ready to bring your book to life.

Has your book stalled before it even started?

You know you want to write a book. You’ve got a topic in mind, and you’re looking forward to the day you can call yourself a published author.

But before you can move forward, you have to make what seems like an impossible decision: should you work with a publisher, or should you self publish?

In this episode Jeff Goins and Pamela Wilson discuss:

  • Why Jeff and Pamela are talking about this topic and what you can expect from Zero to Book
  • How to think about your goals for your book and plan for the long game
  • Why the way you publish your first book isn’t as important as you may think
  • What matters instead: an approach to book publishing that works (with examples)

The Show Notes