Don’t Sweat the Title, Silence Your Inner Editor, and Forge Ahead with Your First Draft

Will you confront challenges while writing your book? Definitely. Life doesn’t stop while you work on your first draft. Here’s how to deal with the inevitable when it happens.

In this brief episode, Pamela Wilson shares a few of the ways life has thrown a wrench into her first draft process, and what she’s done in response.

She also discusses the hunt for a title for this book. The short version? It’s not over yet. And that’s OK.

Plus, you’ll find out exactly how she’s handling the helpful feedback and friendly critiques she’s received from the team inside The Book Factory. The Book Factory is the place where you can get free access to the book Pamela’s writing: read along and comment on the first draft; chat about the concepts; vote on covers, and more.

In this episode Pamela Wilson discusses:

  • Why — thanks to Jeff’s earlier advice — Pamela’s not worried about finding a title (yet)
  • Results from The Book Factory experiment so far
  • A handy feature in Scrivener that’s helping Pamela stay focused
  • Why Pamela’s temporarily ignoring the Book Factory community’s feedback

The Show Notes