Why Live Events are a Great Business Building Model, with Chris Marr

Chris Marr joins the show to talk about content marketing, what it can do for small business owners, the importance of live events and much more!

Creating and hosting a live event is an incredible opportunity for you and the people you’re serving. If you’ve ever considered hosting your own, or just wondered why in the world anyone would ever take on such a momentous task listen in to today’s episode!

Chris Marr of The Content Marketing Academy in Scotland joins us to talk about why he started doing live events, how his company is creating the demand for content marketing in the UK, and what some of his greatest struggles and successes have been with his own live events.

On episode 158 of Youpreneur FM Chris and I delve into all of that and more; it’s an eye-opening look at the mindset needed to carry out consistently high quality events and why those events matter to us as entrepreneurs.

In this episode, Chris Marr and I discuss:

  • Does Chris have days when he doubts what he is doing?
  • What it really means if you say you don’t have time.
  • How did he get speakers to present at his first event?
  • Why the little things at a conference matter so much.
  • How I sold out my London mastermind event with no advertising.

The Show Notes