Get Your Book Found: How to Outsmart Amazon’s Algorithm

If you want your book to have robust long-term sales, you’ve got to find a way to encourage Amazon to show it some algorithmic love.

To help understand how to make this happen, Pamela and Jeff welcomed The Kindlepreneur, Dave Chesson, to the Zero to Book clubhouse.

Dave is an active duty member of the military who has cracked the code for getting digital books noticed by A9, Amazon’s internal search engine.

In this episode Dave Chesson, Jeff Goins, and Pamela Wilson discuss:

  • One shockingly easy tactic for improving Amazon rankings
  • Why the wording of your book’s table of contents is important (don’t ignore its effect!)
  • What the “seven keywords” are, and why they matter
  • How to leverage your community to increase your Amazon rankings
  • Dave’s one-click application for validating a book topic and title

The Show Notes