How to Get Powerful Reviews That Sell More Books

Reviews can make or break your book sales. Here’s how to get reviews lined up before you launch your book.

There’s nothing sadder than a book sales page with no reviews.

Book reviews help your potential buyers decide if your book will have what they need. Few reviews = meager sales = few reviews. How can you avoid this vicious circle?

In this episode, Jeff talks about how to assemble a “launch team” of people who will review your book and help spread the word as the launch approaches.

Bonus! This episode covers why you might want to read your own work if you decide to create an audio version of your book.

In this episode Jeff Goins and Pamela Wilson discuss:

  • The power of advance reviews and how to line some up for your book
  • The difference between verified and unverified reviews
  • How you can use a private Facebook group as the “campaign headquarters” for your book launch
  • Why asking for book endorsements is super uncomfortable (but is good practice)

The Show Notes