How to Create Courses to Monetize Your Brand, with David Siteman Garland

In this episode of Youpreneur FM, Chris Ducker sits down with mediapreneur David Siteman Garland to talk about online course creation!

With the rise of content marketing in the last few years, the amount of information you can find online has been growing exponentially. You no longer have to pay for most information – it’s available for free, and is only a few clicks away.

So does this mean that selling info-products is dead? Not at all. The key is finding very specific problems that your audience has, and offering specific solutions. The concept of selling access instead of just information is an important element too.

Today, I talk with David Siteman Garland about building awesome online courses – and becoming very profitable at it. Get ready to take notes, because this episode is jam-packed with specific, actionable advice!

David delivered some great insights into how he made his online course such a huge success. In fact, this episode is a perfect illustration of what he is talking about: provide amazingly valuable information, and people will want more!

In this 57-minute episode, David and I discuss:

  • The earning potential of having your own online course to offer.
  • How to create a survey to understand your audience’s needs.
  • Testing your content before developing a course.
  • The biggest myths of course creation and marketing.
  • Why you shouldn’t be using YouTube to host your course content.
  • How to market your course, the non-sleazy way.

The Show Notes